Welcome to the homepage of  Pinoro Training Group,

an independent and private group initiated in June 2006 in Linz, Austria.

My name is Cat, I started training in martial arts in 2001

and I am a direct student of:

Sifu Adrian Tautan (Romania/China) in Wing Chun Kung Fu

Guro  Catalin Necula (UK) in DeCampo 123 Original and Igmat Baraw K.F.S.

Guro Bobby DelaRosa (Philippines) in Kalye Todo Arnis.


Our MASH System ( Martial Arts, Safety and Health)

consists in four modules, available individually or in any requested combination:

WING CHUN – Chinese Boxing

(traditional KungFu system, modernized teaching method)

ARNIS – Filipino Weapons (Realistic stick and knife fighting systems)

SHIELD – Self-Defense (Simple tools and concepts for emergency situations)

NEIKUNG – Health and Balance (Internal practices)


For the sake of quality, for a better understanding of the arts

and a faster progress of the students, we offer only private

and semi-private (small group) training in Linz and surroundings.

Also available for workshops/seminars in Europe, as well as for long-distance study.

I wish to express my  graditude to my masters, my former instructors

and my former and present training partners.

Thank you!